LA.R.A. started 40 years ago as a firm producer of gears for timing systems.
During the time our company specialized in the manufacturing of steering racks.
Our current production covers furthermore special components, made accordingly to the technical features received by our estimated customers.


Steering racks

Steering rack (or steering box) is a mechanical transmission system which allows vehicles to steer.
It is essentially composed by a body made with die casted aluminum, which contains a helically toothed pinion, that transfers the rotation of the steering wheel to the rack, then to the front wheels of the car.
At the beginning steering systems has been produced mechanically; then technology improvement changed them in oil hydraulic system, and then in electrical assisted ones.


Timing systems

Timing gears are fixed on the crankshaft and on the camshaft; they are connected between themselves by belt or roller/anti-vibration chain. They are controlled during their rotation thanks to appropriate sliding rails and tensioners.
Timing parts are necessary for the engine in order to regulate the opening/closing of the valves.
These components need a periodic replacement, depending on the Km traveled by the vehicle.


Special items

Following our customers’ specific requirements, we produce several types of personalized articles, according to the needs of the application to whom they will be destined. Furthermore we collaborate in the realization of components for sport cars, micro cars, alternative energy vehicles, electric vehicles, hybrids etc.